Sharmon Davidson is a contemporary mixed media artist who uses colorful, dreamlike, nature-inspired imagery to explore the central theme of her work. Davidson states: "I create art out of a need to express the ideas I feel are most important. Ultimately, I think art is about some type of communication. My inspiration, very simply put, is nature. I’m fascinated by how the universe works – by the visible and invisible connections between all things." Having studied the visual arts at Gable Advertising Art School, Northern Kentucky University, and the Art Academy of Cincinnati, she has exhibited professionally since 1993. Jobs, careers, and activities have included, at one time or another: graphic designer, full time stay-at-home mom, various types of volunteer work, performing in a professional Middle Eastern dance troupe, and teaching art and special education in the Kentucky public schools. Currently, she lives and makes art full time in northern Kentucky. Other interests include gardening, photography, hiking, kayaking, rock and fossil collecting, and building/restoring old log houses. She is a juried member and is currently represented by the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen Gallery in Berea, Kentucky.
SUPPORT PROVIDED BY: Ohio Arts Council, The Columbus Foundation, The Greater Columbus Arts Council, Glavan Feher Architects Inc., Fulcrum Creatives Ohio Arts Council: A state agency that supports public programs in the arts