CFE: Interval- a Performance Art Series






ROY G BIV Gallery is seeking proposals for a series in the interlude, in which performance-based visual art projects will take place at the gallery for the couple days between monthly exhibitions. The gallery is usually unoccupied during the Monday and Tuesday at the end of each month. ROY G BIV Gallery is pleased to offer the vacant space during the evenings of interval days to artists, whose works focus on visual performance, video art-based performance, interactive installation-based performance, dance, theatre, and other performance-based experimental arts.  


This is a rare opportunity to showcase a performance piece in a prominent gallery space, and take advantage of ROY’s High Street facing windows and built-in Short North audience before the gallery moves in June of 2018. ROY G BIV will be moving to a new gallery space at the River & Rich development in Franklinton in late summer/early fall 2018. ROYGBInterVal series – the second half of 2018 is planned to continue at the new location in fall 2018.




ROYGBInterVal series: Interlude 1: Monday, April 30th and Tuesday, May 1st



ROY G BIV Gallery, 997 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201




  • Application deadline: Friday, April 13th, 2018

  • Acceptance Announcement: Saturday, April 16th  

  • Installation: each day before 5 PM during the interval period

  • Performance duration: 6 PM – 9 PM

  • De-installation: after performance on the same day







ROY G BIV Gallery encourages all emerging artists and performers in visual art, working with the following genres: multimedia performance, video/animation/moving image-based performance, interactive installation and interfaces with performance,art-gaming performance – virtual and augmented reality,sound art-based performance, and other experimental performance forms not mentioned here. We will also consider traditional forms of dance and theatre, however, performing arts must look to expand the knowledge and understanding of contemporary art.


  • Artworks that were produced before January 2016 will not be considered
  • Each selected artwork basically takes one-day-evening performance slot for the interval period. However, one work in multiple evenings is possible, depending on the proposals and the gallery’s coordination with the regular schedule

  • Selected artwork must be performed inside of the gallery space

  • The gallery doesn’t allow performing artists to install heavy structures or equipment in the gallery space due to preparation for the next exhibition. The jurors will consider the ease of installation/de-installation if artists submit installation-based performance

  • Selected artists must install/de-install their artwork and use their own specialized equipment and tools. The gallery can offer some additional tools.

  • Artists are responsible for transportation of all artwork to and from ROY G BIV Gallery. If work must be shipped, artists are responsible for all packaging and shipping expenses. While ROY staff provides installation assistance, artists are responsible for installing their work.




  • 1 – Fill out the entry form below.
  • 2 – Submit the $20 entry fee either with PayPal by going here and selecting the “donate” option, then enter the amount $20.00. You may also mail a check to ROY G BIV Gallery. 
    (All entry fees are waived for current ROY members. To become a member, visit our membership page.)
  • 3 – Email your application materials to and include “Interval 2018 APPLICATION_your name” in the subject line. Include:
    1. 1. One-page (.pdf file) document specifying your performance. Indicate ideal space requirement, number of performers and installation requirements/ dimensions if the performance involves installation)
    2. 2. Resume or CV (.pdf or .doc file)
    3. 3. Works List, including video links (.pdf or .doc file)
    4. 4. 3-5 images (.png or .jpeg)
    5. 5. Video links, if applicable (3-minutes-or-less video highlights on YouTube or Vimeo. If your application videos exist on private channels, please include passwords so jurors can access your links)
    6. 6. Short artist statement (300-500 words, .pdf file) describing what you propose to perform
















  • •   File names: Use only a number (e.g., 01.jpg). Please do not embed your name in any images.
  • •   File format: JPEG or PNG
  • •   File size: No larger than 1.5 MB per photo
  • •   Detail and installation photos may be included in the 15 images.




  • •   For video submissions, upload your videos to YouTube or Vimeo and submit their URLs in your List of Works.
  • •   It is not necessary to remove your name from your account or videos.
  • •   Please make videos open to the public. Private videos will not be reviewed.





  • •   File names: Please include your name on your Resume but leave your List of Works and Artist’s Statement anonymous.
  • •   File formats: PDF or DOC
  • •   List of Works should include the following for each work:
  •               •  File name (e.g., 01.jpg) or video URL (e.g.,…)
  •               •  Title
  •               •  Year of completion
  •               •  Medium(s)
  •               •  Dimensions


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