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By Bill Mayr


The Columbus Dispatch


3 April 2014



Short North Gallery Hop: Saturday April 5th


“Colorful Exhibit”


Installation and sculptural pieces by area artists Elizabeth Nelson and Amy Ritter will be on view at Roy G Biv Gallery, 997 N. High St.


Nelson works with fluorescent colors and bold patterns.


“By creating spaces that contain a mixture of unrecognizable and obscured imagery, I aim to make the viewer search for meaning longer,” she said.


“In using the combination of bright colors and high-contrast images, I want to cause a sense of uncertainty, a feeling of unease and the need for static.”


Ritter examines gender and life experiences.


“I grew up as a tomboy rejecting gender, as it didn’t have much importance to me,” she said.


“Memories are resurfacing and finding meaning within the objects and fragments that I’m creating.”


A reception for the artists will start at 7 p.m. Saturday at the gallery.

Shot Tower Gallery: Still, Moving Images Toy with Perceptions

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By Christopher Yates


The Columbus Dispatch


2 February 2014



Shot Tower Gallery: Still, Moving Images Toy with Perceptions


In its 14th year, the annual “ImageOhio” juried exhibit showcases photographers and video and other media artists from throughout the state.


This year’s jurors — Aspen Mays, an assistant professor of art at Ohio State University; and Shannon Benine, an assistant professor of photography and multimedia at the Columbus College of Art & Design — selected 49 works by 31 emerging and established artists.


With a variety of traditional and innovative work, the show in the Shot Tower Gallery at the Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center broadly revolves around the theme of perception. Put simply, what we see and believe are more complex, tenuous and uncertain than they seem.


Lillianna Marie investigates real and imagined obstacles. Her two-sided sculptural wall — The Floor Deserves the Floor and Of Heaven That Is a Ceiling as We See It — challenges our ability to distinguish the real from the illusory. Three-dimensional physicality comes from the material presence of the cement-block wall. Illusion comes from the two-dimensional photographic imagery “printed” on both sides of the wall. On one side, the image depicts a fragmented blue sky with white clouds. On the other, a sunset can be seen through a raindrop-covered window.


The Eric Sherwood performance video Get Up, Get Out, Go Home is excruciating. An exploration of futility, it records the efforts of a man repeatedly climbing a ladder placed against tree limbs. He slides, teeters and falls to the ground, eventually breaking the ladder into splinters.


With a contemporary technique called focus stacking, Claire Brewer and her father, Stephen Brewer, use 30 exposures to create a single black-and-white image. Documenting plant specimens, the simple subjects found in images such as Red Clover 1 are strangely alien.


The uncertainty of memory is the focus of Jessica Naples’ Bath Time With Grandpa Bill. Consisting of a snapshot grasped in a person’s hand and set against a dark background, the image suggests profound loss.


A provocative response to the contemporary world’s passion for speed, Timothy Smith’s video Infinite Expectation of Dusk records the changing light on the edge of a wall in a dimly lighted room.


Elisa Gabor’s Surface II — a photo of a microfilm reader that is lighted but lacks any film to project — speaks to technological advances and obsolescence.


Other strong works include Jacob Koestler’s video Red Magnet, Jason Schwab’s photo Post Identity, Allison Ezzo’s photo In the Stillness of Remembering No. 3, Griffin Pines’ video Mary and Emmily Chang’s photo Massive.

Exhibition Preview: After All These Years “ImageOHIO 14” Still Fresh, Innovative

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By Jesse Tigges


Columbus Alive


23 January 2014



Exhibition Preview: After All These Years “ImageOHIO 14” Still Fresh, Innovative


Even in its 14th year, the annual, juried exhibition ImageOHIO is still an original and innovative collection of works. The exhibit has evolved over the years, initially with a sole focus on photography, adding video a few years back and digital artwork last year. While the inclusion of new genres is important to staying on the cutting edge, ImageOhio’s originality stems more from its works and their approach to the medium.


“A lot of the photos are breaking some of the traditional rules for what a photo should be; it causes you to stop, notice them and explore them,” said Ken Aschliman, gallery director of ROY G BIV Gallery, which presents the ImageOHIO exhibition.


There’s a one-hand-washing-the-other aspect to this year’s selections — many of which are first-timers to ImageOHIO — as this year’s jurors, Aspen Mays (assistant professor of art at Ohio State) and Shannon Benine (assistant professor of photography and multimedia at the CCAD), sought out the more groundbreaking works among the submissions.


“The jurors were also looking for … work that’s on the cutting edge, breaking the traditional rules and pushing photography and video in a different direction,” Aschliman said.


This motif is at play in many of the works, but a prime example of challenging convention is Jacob Koestler’s “Red Magnet.” He took videos of Red Rock and projected two different versions of the same video onto crumpled sheets of paper. One side is the basic projection and the other is Koestler’s manipulation of RGB, distorting all the colors.


A slightly more traditional — if that term even applies to ImageOHIO 14 — yet emotional piece is Emmily Chang’s “Massive.” The dark photo is predominantly occupied by a projection of an elephant with two silhouettes at the bottom. That one of the figures is completely ignoring the pained giant in lieu of her smart phone gives “Massive” an effective sense of sorrow in disregard.


A reception and awards ceremony, where the jurors selected a Best In Show and Juror’s Choice for both photography and video, will be 7-9 p.m. Friday, Jan. 24.

Exhibition Preview: Kyle Franklin and Greg Ponchak Artist Talk Easily a Weekend Highlight

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By Jesse Tigges


Columbus Alive


23 January 2014



Exhibition Preview: Kyle Franklin and Greg Ponchak Artist Talk Easily a Weekend Highlight


ROY G BIV Gallery’s current exhibition contains plenty to consider and discuss, making Saturday’s artists talk at 2:30 p.m. with Kyle Franklin and Greg Ponchak ideal for introspection.


Franklin’s work challenges the stereotypes of masculinity by using symbols and objects from the sports world.


By using what are traditionally thought of as male icons (a football, baseball bats), Franklin is attempting to “knock down traditional gender roles and bridge the perceived chasm between homosexuality and heterosexuality.”


The piece “Interference” uses the coarse texture of a football and transforms it into a delicate and intimate work by using it as the base for a graphite rubbing.


Ponchak’s sculptures are presented in both digital prints and installations, offering a compelling juxtaposition.


The untitled digital print (pictured) shows a hand-crocheted balaclava covering the face of a model. Ponchak retrofits the exposed eyes of the model with a digitally-rendered polygonal face.


The adjacent (and accompanying) print moves the balaclava to a new position on a different model exposing more of the polygonal face for a more dramatic effect.

Arts Preview: Holiday Hop Offers Plenty to See and/or Do

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By Jesse Tigges


Columbus Alive


5 December 2013



Arts Preview: Holiday Hop Offers Plenty to See and/or Do


It’s time for Holiday Hop, which means you’re going to have to deal with more people who’re just wandering around the Short North without a clue and/or just straight screwing around. So for those of you actually looking for something cool, here’s a quick rundown of some good exhibit openings and fun things to do.


Member’s Small Works Exhibition


This annual exhibit at ROY G BIV Gallery is one of the most popular of the year. With 56 member artists participating, nearly 100 pieces will be available, all priced less than $500.


The exhibit is designed to feature as many ROY G BIV artists as possible in one exhibit, thus requiring the small works to fit in the space. And the small works are also great holiday gifts.


“We think it’s a great fit because the holidays are coming up and a lot of people are looking for small gifts,” said gallery director Ken Aschliman.


While all pieces are $500 or less, there’s even more accessible artwork also available. The gallery will premiere a $10 art table (during the exhibit’s run) with even smaller works. They’re perfect for stocking stuffer-type gifts.


While this exhibit is great for finding gifts, it’s only because the works — a variety of mediums are represented — offer big creativity, despite their small stature.


Aschliman said he’s partial to Ian Cross’ “The Lost Cartographer” (pictured) because “[Cross’ work] is always really interesting with the different layers and techniques he uses to create a lot of depth.”

ROY G BIV is for Emerging Artists

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By Brandi Daniels


Social Columbus


15 November 2013



ROY G BIV is for Emerging Artists


The Short North isn’t lacking in art galleries. Just drive down High Street and you will see for yourself, but each gallery has its own personality and offers the public a different experience. ROY G BIV is one of those art galleries that not only has something to say, but gives emerging artists with something to say, a chance to be heard.


ROY G BIV is a nonprofit art gallery located in the historic Short North neighborhood. Founded in 1989, its mission has always been to support emerging artists.


“There aren’t very many galleries that show artists on the forefront that don’t have a big name. So I think it’s really important to have a gallery like this. That shows to the public of Columbus and to the national community that Columbus does support emerging artists and new types of artwork,” Gallery Director, Ken Aschliman said.


Each year ROY G BIV sends out a call for open submissions to the gallery to find the artists who will get the chance to show their artwork throughout the next calendar year. Three jurors are chosen who are involved in the art world in some way, whether a critic or a teacher, who picks the bodies of work to be displayed. “We hope to support new emerging ideas; artwork that’s on the cutting edge on what you can do and artwork that’s very thought provoking,” Aschliman said.


ROY G BIV displays all types of art from Two-dimensional to performing art. “ROY G BIV is the spectrum of color and we really try to show the spectrum of what’s out there in emerging art,” Aschliman said. “Where other galleries can’t show a variety, we can really show a variety. And I guarantee you every month this space you’re going to see something you haven’t seen before and it’s going to be something different from the last time you were here.”


The gallery will provide the space for the artists and help with the promotion of the exhibits, but almost complete freedom is given to the artists. “We’re very open to what an artist wants to do. We’ll give them suggestions and help them on it, but essentially we’ve given them the space and we want to see what the artist is capable of,” Aschliman said.


The last Saturday of the month is the artist talk and then right after that the show is taken down. The next artist will come in on Wednesday and have a week to install their show, with the help of the gallery.


You can come see how ROY G BIV is constantly changing for yourself Wednesday through Friday from 3-6pm. The gallery is also always opened during the Gallery Hop, which it has been a part of almost since the beginning.


If you want to see emerging artists with cutting edge artwork then ROY G BIV is the place for you.

Wed-Fri 3-6PM | Sat 1-5PM | 997 N. High St. | Columbus, OH 43201 | 614.297.7694 | info@roygbivgallery.org
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