Scott Goss

Artist Statement

It’s hard to reveal yourself to someone you’ve never met before and let them see who you really truly are. Simple conversations may offer insight into what you do for a living, where you live, your family, your sense of humor, but for someone to really see you they must pry and peek into your life when you think you’re alone and all your inhibitions are at ease. As an artist, I create surreal, experiential, video-based installations that explore who I am and the connection I have to those that are curious about me. My work is an exploration of my own psychology through portrayal of my memories, thoughts, and feelings. By purposefully incorporating absurdity in the design of the interactive environments I fabricate, I require my viewers’ physical participation and encourage their nosiness and intrusiveness in order to fully observe the work and consequently peek into my world.


For this piece, titled The Best Place to Sit in India is in the Front Seat, I have created an installation that encourages one to step into a family vacation I took in 2012 to India. During my travels, I recorded video from different points of view throughout vehicles as we journeyed through cities such as Mumbai, New Delhi, Agra, and Udaipur. By lowering the helmet, which is fixed to a steel beam and balanced on a tripod, one is able to enter a 360 degree panoramic experience of this trip, which serves as a recorded memory of the vast culture and changing landscapes that I experienced. 


Image: still from The Best Place to Sit in India is in the Front Seat, 2018, steel, stainless steel, video monitors, Raspberry Pi’s, and mixed media