Sara Drake

Media: Drawing

Sara Drake is a stop-motion avalanche.

Artist Statement

I am the over-emotional, door-slamming detective who is too close to the case and about to be sent home. I am a cartoonist, and in effect, a storyteller, language invigorator, and perpetual investigator embroiled in wrong turns and failed hypotheses. I make to find out what I am trying to say - I am sleuthing for something that does not yet exist and can only exist through seeking.
I am making words that are temporary, synthesized in a dialogue of tangents and accidents. I am stimulating strangeness and conceptual playfulness. I am developing a visual language, one that suggests continuity yet exists outside of linear narrative. I am exasperated, sliding in a space where things become what they weren't: text becomes graphic, time becomes solid, the world becomes pocked with personification.
I am trying to solve the density of experience.