Project Pivot

Artist Statement

Project Pivot is a collective of high school seniors from the Arts and College Preparatory Academy, academic content teachers, and teaching artists from the Columbus Museum of Art. During the course of the yearly Project Pivot cycle, the collective explores a conceptual theme via academic research, action research, travel, visiting artist workshops, community action, and studio productions.  Project Pivot creates interactive, immersive events that incorporate performance and public collaboration. Pivoteers believe in creating spaces, actions, and participatory events that excite and challenge the imagination, and in the connective power of shared experience for both artists and audience. The facilitators of Project Pivot are interested in exploring the intersections of formal and informal learning environments and the use of emergent, student-driven curriculum with high school students over the course of four years. In order to conduct accurate measures of Project Pivot’s impact on students, teachers, and institutional culture, CMA is conducting long-term evaluation on the program.


Project Pivot continues to expand its spheres of engagement, moving from the high school to the art museum, and now to the larger Columbus community. Students are given an increasing amount of authority and agency in deciding the course the cycle will take; teaching artists and associated teachers offer support, demonstrations, access to resources, and background information as needed. The student artists engaged in Project Pivot are engaged in visual art, music, writing, fashion, and film production, and many of them have been with the program since their freshmen years of high school.