Pallavi Sen

Artist Statement

I love a good spectacle. An object, a room, and an experience so stunning that it leaves no room for thought. The viewer rests in between a state of observation and understanding, entertained.


I grew up in India, with every surface of my home covered with patterned textiles, and my city drenched in the dazzle and noise of cinema, weddings and weekly festivals. Deeply affected by my surroundings, I am happily drawn towards repetitive beauty, choked with motifs, leading to a constant state of drama and visual chaos.


Both skill and imagination are very dear to me and I strive to create objects that go beyond disciplines and break the creative hierarchy. A piece of cloth can be at once a garment, a sculpture, an illustration when flattened, and a photograph if documented in that way. Honest and patient labour, work that is accessible and more importantly, enjoyable, without comprising on personal vision and creativity, stripped of confusing art speak, is always my goal.


Due to an early exposure to Indian crafts, I am inclined to create work that benefits it and standing of the craftsman. Sustainability is central to my work -- with all that is created, one must also keep in mind the materials that can be saved or avoided.