Nayeon Yang

Artist Statement

To make this body, I use my body. Indeed, I am here through my body.

My work explores the human body as a permeable container of time and space. To me, the body is the only genuine and continuous home for one’s life. The body continues to exist while time and space pass through it and leave behind innumerable thoughts and emotions. The body becomes a container for the invisible and imperceptive traces of life.

My process of making leads me to various forms of work such as performance, installation, video, gestures, and participatory art. The uses of ephemeral forms, and malleable characters of my work reveal process that shaped its present state. In the end, nothing but the trace of the body is noticeable.

Experiencing my body as an unsettled permeable home, I raise questions about my relation to the world where I reside. Through my current practice, I explore the inherent and inevitable subject-object [self-other] relationship and study how the recognition of “I”-“you” and “we”-“they” is created and divided in social and cultural environments. Ultimately, I try to create various encounters and rearrange those relationships to decenter a position of “I”. I hope to unravel boundaries of "I" that exists as a norm to share the world where an-other “I” could be encountered.