Nate Ricciuto

Artist Statement

When looking in a direction directly away from the sun, shadows are hidden by the object casting them. The antisolar point and the adjacent areas therefore appear brighter than elsewhere because they have more sunlit surfaces and less shadow. This phenomenon is useful in determining position relative to the object, though there are other factors that contribute to the glow.


My recent work considers so called “visionary environments” as sites that rely heavily on transformative processes and handmade objects in imagining the possibility of alternative belief systems and modes of existence. Often occurring as obsessive and exuberant private spaces, these environments make use of common materials and everyday objects in blurring the distinction between interior psychological space and the exterior world. I am interested in these instances of creative problem-solving and expression as suggesting a type of resistance to mainstream cultural and societal norms, as well as a latent desire for self-reliance and fulfillment. Similar to the way that digital technology offers the opportunity to extend and reimagine oneself in virtual space, physical manipulations of the everyday environment may be means of both projecting and locating subjectivity.