Nate Ricciuto

Artist Statement

My work engages with delusion and speculation in opening up fragmentary narratives where perception can become tactile and fluid. I am curious about the ways that visions of the future continue to be important markers in the stories we tell ourselves about the past. Informed by an exploration into both the desire to imagine different worlds and the myriad strategies for achieving them, these works seek to uncover and reinterpret motives for operating outside of the system or off-the-grid.


I construct and dissect scenarios that posit wild nature as a place of escape and possibility, and question our understanding of legacies of resistance and the myths that surround them. My projects envision bodily experience, imagination, and communication as existing in the odd space between the technical and the intuitive. These objects and environments are often models for operations once performed or yet to happen, or diagrams of absurd systems implying elements of participation. In creating experimental sites that simultaneously embrace and question our innate curiosity, my work explores the porous border between seeing and not seeing. 


Image: Rise Over Run Again, 2017 Mirrors, wood, painted carpet, lights, aluminum, mixed media