Matthew Dayler

Matthew Dayler was born and raised in Hamilton Ontario Canada.  He creates self-portraits and images of mature men in drawings, prints, photography and video, which are inspired by popular culture and issues of identity.  Dayler’s work centers on a wide variety of contemporary imagery relating to the self in juxtaposition with music, graffiti, gay culture, and sports. Matthew Dayler’s work has been exhibited at the Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah, Georgia, The Brooks Museum in Memphis Tennessee, and Galerie Edition Schedler in Zurich, Switzerland, among others. In 2009 he had a solo exhibition of drawings at Galerie La Petite Mort in Ottawa Ontario, and included in various group exhibitions most recently in Miami, NYC and LA.  Dayler lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and currently teaches/lectures at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. For more information please contact

Artist Statement

I am interested in using the self as a billboard for my thoughts and ideas on our social, cultural, and political identities I comment on life from a gay male perspective. This work is representative of power, assimilation, and conformity. Power is formed through groupings of similarities.  There is power in numbers.  These groups often try to validate or impose its own way of perceiving. These multiple selves are reflections of personas that one must adopt to participate in hetro-normative culture.  These false expectations of conformity are imposed on the self. I references gay culture, self-portraiture and gender stereotypes in a vibrantly iconic, pop fashion.  I use Masks as a symbol of rebellion, disguise, sexual play, and as a way to neutralize identity through sameness. . The most important influences on our popular culture have spawned from some sort of underground.  These self-persona are representations of defenders of this underground.  These characters are presented like Byzantine icons, with self-inflicted individuality. I see these characters as the future renegades or protectors of authenticity.