Matthew Cherubini

Matt Cherubini is an artist currently living in north central Pennsylvania. He studied Art and Education at Penn State University, graduating in 2008 with a BFA. In 2010 he received his Master of Fine arts from The Ohio State University concentrating in sculpture. In the year since leaving Ohio State, Cherubini has taught art in Pittsburgh and is currently working with children who have emotional needs. Matt continues to develop his work exploring both sculpture and video as tools to create characters and stories as personal alternate realities.

Artist Statement

Like a free flowing session of improvisation, I pull from disparate areas of knowledge and culture to make my sculpture.  The development starts by creating short stories that are often humorous or absurd.  These stories then become my work in the form of sculptural objects, figures, and video performance.  My building process is much like the initial idea creation.  The work comes together quickly with simple materials that are at hand allowing for chance along the way.  In the end the results often have a quality of spontaneity and impulse creating a look of de-construction or fracture. At any given time a 2x4, a roll of paper towels, or a chair leg could find its way into my work.  I have no intention to trick or fool the viewer.  Rather, the need is to communicate my idea to them simply with room for thoughtful interpretation.  It’s my task to enjoy all aspects of the process from start to finish.  I want the finished product to embody the same initial energy and drive that brought the project to life, and for that energy to be evident to the viewer.