Liz Roberts

Artist Statement

"Taxi Driver - this is my feminist film. [...] Because it takes macho to its logical conclusion. The
better man is the man who can kill you. This one shows that kind of thinking, shows the kinds of
problems some men have, bouncing back and forth between the goddesses and whores.”

- Martin Scorsese interview with Roger Ebert


“A coroner’s inquest determined Laura died of brain trauma, massive blood loss and blunt force
trauma to the head and legs. Officials ruled her death as a homicide. Highway Patrol troopers
initially thought Laura may have been hit by a car, but said whatever had happened to the
young woman did not occur where she was found. Very little blood was found at the scene,
though Laura had suffered massive blood loss.”

- Gone Cold: Laura Van Wyhe, killed in 1996, The Des Moines Register


In 1990 we all drank beer and watched Twin Peaks together on network television. I was 16,
and Laura was born a year after me so she must have been 15. By the time she died in 1996 a
lot of us were strung out on drugs and had to get high before the funeral. Laura was 21. After
that I left Iowa and moved to New York. I’ve never been back, Laura’s murder is still unsolved,
and now there is a new Twin Peaks.



Image: still from I Want You to Know What Love Is, Martin Scorsese’s monologue in Taxi Driver, Dead Boys song, video, sound, 02:49, 2018