Leah Frankel

Artist Statement

In Egg, Suspended with a Glass of Water, the egg sits at a precise location that seems to locate an exact point in space and time. The strings that support it reach the walls at invisible points and appear to vector outward to infinity. Commonly held in one’s hand, the egg is the origin and the infinite in one.

The water, taking the form of its container, is a drink, but also signifies its importance on the earth. The glass of water sits on a top-­‐heavy steel stand whose instability creates a repelling energy around it. The ordinary glass of water, when presented at eye-­‐level, becomes a lens to view the egg, and the world, through it.


In Five Catenaries, thick ropes hang from the ceiling of a vast, tall space and their weight pulls them down to create five parallel catenaries with walking space between them. Each catenary meets the ground at exactly one point, closing off towering delineations of space along the walls.


In Installation with Sunlight and Water, a circle of sunlight travels slowly but consistently around a space, mapping the movement of the sun. A bowl of water sits just above the ground and is suspended by cables that extend to the ceiling. On a certain day, the circle of sunlight passes through the bowl and meets the surface of the water.
The image shows 9 frames of a single timelapse recorded over 6 hours.