Kyle Downs

Artist Statement

After Moving Stone, is a composed fiction in the form of a three channel silent video installation that documents my inquiry and interventions within the manmade wilderness of quarry spaces. Armed with a cell phone camera, I manipulated nature, immersed my body in the landscape and framed each quarries’ perennial characteristics in response to visual and perceptual particularities of a given site. Through direct contact and repeated visits to these places, marked by slowness, my immediate interface with isolation, sound, light and the many signs of life observed in these wild-­‐like landscapes, are reframed within the space of the moving image. This work acknowledges the critical ecological impact of the mining industry and proposes that it is a magical kingdom that should be overtaken by the slow natural state of abandonment, which allows injured ecosystems to recover on their own. It takes time and patience to witness the complex layers of nature, and in this post-­‐ industrial wilderness, both human and nonhuman species are working. Although one, is working harder to survive. The quarry is a working site that has taught me how to pay attention. It marked me with an awareness that I will keep as I move on past the oasis walls.