Krista Birnbaum

Krista Birnbaum creates designs and objects that display her desire for control and ownership over the wildness and instinct of nature. Through this work, she envisions new methods of interacting with and altering nature.  Beauty and aesthetics are important as she transplants plants and animals (both in physical and illustrative forms) into the home. Krista holds an MFA from Syracuse University and a BFA from Miami University of Ohio. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Media Art at Westminster College in New Wilmington, PA. Her work has been included most recently in exhibitions at Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Arlington Arts Center, VA, Lexington Art League, KY, and the Buffalo Arts Studio.

Artist Statement

My current series, Emerging, appropriates photographs from print materials, ranging from garden catalogs to fashion magazines. These images are digitally arranged and manipulated to create dramatically lit scenes of lush vegetation. The resulting images initially look photographic, but reveal the many steps of re-imaging upon closer inspection. The dot pattern from the printed material is visible within close range. Some evidence of the collage process is left intact as well. My work is motivated by a desire to understand my own relationship with nature: simultaneous desires to both be unified with and in control of nature. The Emerging series allows me to manipulate ecosystems of plants, combining incompatible regions of plant life (tropical, deciduous, and arid) to fit my desires.