Kate Ball

Artist Statement

I make stop-motion animations about various uses of animals in culture. I’m especially interested in the confusing and slippery implications of cross-species relationships, and uncanny moments of interaction. In one of my animations, a taxidermy bird meets a flock of live birds. In another a squirrel halts abruptly, pauses, releases a blood-curdling human scream of existential angst, then continues on its way. The animations I create explore the delusions and illusions of human-animal interactions, where curiosity and compassion result in monstrosity and perversion.


To make my animations, I cut out paper characters from my etchings and collagraphs, then collect materials like circus peanuts, rainbow sprinkles, false eyelashes, fabric and leaves to make the sets and props. I imitate the look of a child’s play-space or children’s book with exaggerated textures, simple shapes and movement. I use a low frame-rate because I want my animations to look like an awkward kid banging the Barbie and Ken dolls together. The viewer is the voyeur in this play- session, drawn in by the intimacy of the space, the nostalgic dream-scape created by the soundtrack, and the childish puppets.