Kate Shannon

Artist Statement

An interest in the photographic image is central to my artistic practice. I begin my visual projects by creating digital photographs. I then spend time at a computer screen meticulously eliminating, rearranging, or animating the tiny pixels that form these images. In this way, the photograph itself is not an end result but a foundation for further research, discovery, and invention. Conceptually, my digitally manipulated photographs explore notions such as desire, happiness, and loss.

Within the Happy Crowd is an ongoing series of images I create in environments where crowds gather to experience a series of happy moments, such as amusement parks or funfairs. By digitally removing the background elements from the original photographs, I visually isolate adults, teenagers, and children in transition between these moments. Although they gaze toward a prize to win, a thrill to experience, or a concession stand to visit, these individuals are stripped of their spectacular surroundings and become solitary subjects to contemplate.