Jerry Birchfield

Artist Statement

The relationship between image and material provides a platform for the exploration of the notion of truth. Simulations are overlaid, blurred, and mixed with matter to discuss the process of determining truth through conflicted means. Simulation acts as a symbol of the relative, while the notion of the singular acts as a symbol of the absolute. Symbols for relativity, such as digital media, trompe lʼoeil, image, and the multiple, function as vehicles that lead to points of contradiction. This conflict emphasizes the process of negotiation required between the image projected by a work and the reality of a work. Conflicting proposals collapse as they are presented simultaneously. Within my practice, the act of making functions as research. It is through the process of making, that I am led to a fuller understanding of my subject. Recognizing significant occurrences during experiments conducted in the studio is a critical part of my process. My work consists of a variety of media and forms, but is largely based in the concerns of photography and the function of images. I use various media to explain my concerns and to provide the opportunity to experience the condition of which I am concerned. The relationship between individual works creates a dialogue that helps define the use of signs within the range of my work.