Jennifer Anable

My sculpture is my commentary on living and being. The work I make is a direct reaction between mental contemplation and physical determination. The materials I choose and the marks I make provoke curiosity and give the viewer a moment of contemplation and freedom to search for meaning in the unfamiliar.


Sculpture is not a linier event for me. When I make-work I am not starting at the beginning but finding the work somewhere in the middle. The finished pieces are the accumulation of labors and the products of my experience in the actions of making. Working in my studio I often contemplate my own existence and try to locate myself within this world.


My work sets out to be contradictory, talking both about the beauty and absurdity, the humorous and the sadness, in and of this world. I tap into nostalgia and sentimentality as a space for emotional osmosis to happen, creating sensations and triggering memories. As an artist I want to speak to my audience visually and viscerally.