Jen Burton

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio.  I was extremely fortunate to travel frequently to the UK as a child and travel though out North America as well.  My parents encouraged my interest in art and always did what they could to enrich my knowledge base. After graduating with a BFA from CCAD in 2000, I moved to San Francisco, where I continued to pursue my own art, which was mostly painting at the time. I was also assisting others with planning art events and gatherings which I continued to do when I returned to Columbus in 2002. I began curating and participating in a lot of group shows revolving around the community at the now defunct, BLD (which is also where I met my husband, fellow artist Mark Van Fleet).

Artist Statement

I have always been interested in human behavior, the spirit of people in general and the evidence of process in work. These large format Xeroxes of my hair, are a natural progression from my classroom installations and action oriented work that I have made in the past. I believe these images to be portraits, abstractions of everyday images, and edited down just right, so they play a little bit of a mind game on the viewer. They were super fun to make, and I intend to continue making them. I also appreciate the sort of "Spookiness" they have.