Jackie Brown

Artist Statement

My work stems from an interest in biological flux and each work evolves through a series of expanding installations that aim to suggest limitless potential for growth and transformation. Through the use of viscous porous surfaces I attempt to provide a sense that the work is alive and there is intentionally a strong element of science fiction. It is often ambiguous as to whether the forms are benign or toxic and I aim to suggest mutation, as if biochemical processes are cross-wiring and melding into new and uncertain growths.


The most recent work, Brain Fruit, is based on neural networks, synaptic exchange, and the elastic potential of the mind. The green rods and orange linear elements serve as active pathways, implying circuitry and the continual pulsing of inputs and outputs. Crafting the pieces has become critical and I invest countless hours into perfecting each surface because I aim to create an illusion, a fictive world, and it is essential that the forms are believable. I think of each installation as a frozen moment in the life of the work and I hope to convey a feverish sense of immediacy and vitality, as if time has been temporarily suspended, allowing the viewer to move freely through a living, growing system.