Erek Nass

Artist Statement

I experiment with the materials of light and water. Often the studies of these materials begin with making digital photographs of images captured with a camera obscura.

These images become less identifiable and more abstract when they encounter the various filters placed in the camera obscura. The inverted and distorted images are not meant to confuse or obfuscate the subject of the photograph, but rather transform it into another means of expression.

Around these images, three-dimensional installations are constructed. The installations strive to further express the subject at hand in an experienceable way. What might have been a small micro-moment increases to the scale of the body. The whisper becomes audible.

My work investigates two central concepts - impermanence and the variables of perception. I strive to engage these fugitive concepts knowing that full comprehension is not possible. But this engagement occasionally offers brief openings into a space where a deeper understanding can be reached.