Elise P. Church

Artist Statement

I binge collect objects of current fancy—domestic treasures, cast-offs, memorabilia, scrap—and arrange and rearrange intuitively, creating order from disorder.


The gathering and sifting through mounds of materials are as integral to the process as the final composition. It’s the cumulative filling of space, the stockpiling of material, the repetition, the fitting together that ignites surprise for me. Like a painter selecting paint from a palette, one color, one shape will dictate the next one. 


The building and stacking of fragments (paper, paint, found objects) results in new combinations of color, form and texture. The pieces grow in scale relative to their material- small, intimate photo-collages shift to the most recent body of work in progress—large, bold paintings of six foot scrolls of vintage colonial wallpaper.


I am interested in what we save and discard and what eventually becomes memory. Because I moved frequently in my early years, home was a transient notion so to salvage other people's memorabilia is to honor my own memories and souvenirs.