Dana Lynn Harper

Artist Statement

My work explores moments of self-transcendence, where time is slowed down and the outside world is forgotten, a place where the imagination is ignited. My perceptually encompassing environments are an invitation to lose yourself through unknowing, allowing the conscious mind to be distracted by an eagerness to discover. Using overpowering color, inviting textures and an overall multi-sensory experience, the works act as a portal to warm feelings and childhood fantasy, a social catalyst for interaction and connection. Playful patterns, dancing tinsel and unapologetic fluorescent colors are not only a testament to the beauty of life, but to the ever-encompassing joy of living.


Working with forms and colors from cartoons, coral reefs and the microscopic, each piece has an organic organization; paired with unnatural color and implacable materials. This mixing and matching of natural forms with altered synthetic material sends the viewer into a state of unknowing. By masking medium through process, in conjunction with size, color and light, these otherworldly installations avoid referencing one place more than another. This transformation allows my work to remain unbiased and approachable, relatable through beauty; regardless of background, age or heritage.


Equally inspired by vast landscapes and infinitesimal plankton and pollen, the installations simulate the feeling of size and perspective fluctuation. My mini series also has this effect, encouraging the viewer to imagine a shrunken version of the body within the context of the small landscape. By transporting the viewers outside of themselves, the imagination is released from the physical, guiding them to excitement, revitalization and an invigorated sense of self.