CLOUDHAUS is an emerging 80-member, charity-oriented art collective that, for the last year, has organized and/or participated in more than 20 significant community events propelled by its energetic mission to make art happen in Columbus. Since its inception in February 2010, CLOUDHAUS has made substantial headway in accelerating the arts in Columbus. The group has designed and painted prominently located, building-sized murals on the outsides of Kobo, a popular nightclub, and Hooligan’s, a private sports bar. Throughout the year, the collective has donated money to local charities generated by the sales of group-created paintings. It has also coordinated family-oriented participation in the creation of large-scale art works during ComFest and Independent’s Day, taught classes at Wild Goose Collective, body painted live models during Trauma, mounted art shows at 83 gallery and at The Rumba Café, originated a high-tech, boombox parade, and has been instrumental in spearheading the movement to have live audience-participant painting become a standard element of live music concerts and dance parties in venues all around town. Most recently, in recognition of its significant contributions to the Columbus arts community, CLOUDHAUS has been chosen to head the arts division of the 2011 Independent’s Day event. Other future plans include incorporation and gaining non-profit status, more indoor and outdoor mural projects for local schools and businesses, and the (already under progress) organization of a city-wide, art-meets-business-syncing scavenger hunt that CLOUDHAUS believes will attract hundreds of participants this fall and become one of the most fun and popular annual art-enhancing, charity-fundraising Columbus community events long into the future.