Benjamin Jones

Artist Statement

My work is generated out of an investigation of the systems and structures that shape and impact our personal, social and political identities. It is driven by a sense that we define our existence through the structures we create: architectural and engineered structures as much as social, political and financial constructs. I create architectural sculptures that explore the complexities and interconnectedness of these systems through a mix of conceptual, compositional, and material relationships. Through my work I hope to express the implicit contradictions of our rapidly shrinking world.


I am drawn to images that express dualities: structure & collapse, fluid & frozen, apocalyptic & banal, thesis & antithesis. Sublation, in Hegelian philosophy, is the product of reconciling two opposites in a way that both preserves and changes them. Philosophically this may be a tidy process, contradictory ideas are resolved with new terms that envelop both. However, in the world of people and things this function rarely works as neatly. The synthesis of two forms through alchemy or design often yields an imperfect and ruptured union. Some aspects of each progenitor resist unification, splintering under the stress. It is in this messy resolution that I find the kernels of beauty, truth, and meaning that feed my work.