Andrew Coppersmith

Artist Statement

I am curious about everyday forms and materials and the given spaces and environments that bring them contextual meaning. Through my sculptural practice, I investigate the potential of recontextualizing these forms and materials to question the perception of what constitutes the ordinary and mundane aspects of the everyday.


Through this investigation of daily perception, I utilize conceptual strategies of abstraction and narrative non sequitur to develop my intentions within my working process. With examining the familiar and often overlooked aspects of our physical surroundings, I am provoked to create work that highlights the poetic sensibility of the common and usual.


In my practice of exploring the everyday object, I use the method of making sequence-based images to document the human relationship with form and material in daily routine. This form of documentation assists in applying the ideas of arrangement, placement, variation, scale, texture, dimension, and depth of the given form and material depicted in the image. The assessment of thinking through these images enables me to metaphorically contemplate how specific formal aspects of materiality can construct a personal visual lexicon. This image-based research of ubiquitous materiality informs how I address and deal with objects in my sculptural practice.