Alicia Little

Artist Statement

I use abstract shapes and color to form works that occupy the space between painting and sculpture. Interested in the vocabulary of my hand, I often create provisional sets or tableaus to be assembled and disassembled. Getting coated in latex paint, the plaster or paper objects take on a skin, but the material is not completely hidden. Supporting and propping one another up or onto the wall, the objects have been put in positions so that they don’t fall, but are sometimes barely standing. Leaning suggests a temporary placement, the possibility of falling, need for support, or a stance for resting. Leaning also contributes to a pathetic, vulnerable nature as poor posture may indicate weakness. At times, elements are on the verge of being something recognizable from the world, like legs or a slouching body, but in other situations they deny any reference. The chemical, often pastel colors evoke things that are mass-produced. Composed and smoothed over with paint, the placement and tension between elements in a work become precarious situations that echo my experiences and observations of being a body in the world.