ROY’s 2017 Artists

4:02 pm, September 13, 2016 in Blog, News by Ken Aschliman

Andrew Wood, /~~~~/ installation view, 2016, installation, video, sound, performance


ROY G BIV Gallery is proud to announce its artists for 2017. The exhibiting artists were chosen by Tyler Cann (Curator of Contemporary Art at the Columbus Museum of Art), Dennis Harrington (Director of the Weston Art Gallery) and Hope Ginsburg (artist and Associate Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University).


Max Adrian

Kansas City, MO


Franklin Cain-Borgers

New York, NY


Katherine Cunningham

Cincinnati, OH


Lindsey Dezman

Royal Oak, MI


Kyle Downs

Columbus, OH


Leah Frankel

Oneonta, NY


Jon Geiger

Royal Oak, MI 


Galen Gibson-Cornell

Madison, WI


Sarah Goetz

Columbus, OH


Kelsy Gossett

Wichita, KS 


Kara Gut

Pontiac, MI


Woomin Kim

Brookline, MA


Alicia Little

Columbus, OH


Erek Nass

Columbus, OH


Sa’dia Rehman

Columbus, OH


Jaye Schlesinger

Ann Arbor, MI


Laura Thatcher

Columbus, OH


Andrew Wood

Columbus, OH


Ellen (Jing) Xu

New York, NY


Nayeon Yang

Chicago, IL